Welcome to the Paper submission page for ICE Coasts, Marine Structures & Breakwaters 2021.  

We have decided to move ICE Coasts, Marine Structures & Breakwaters.

The new date remains under review, but we are aiming for September 2022.

In the current circumstances, it is impossible to plan reliably for a live event this year. We remain committed to a physical event, with a diverse, international audience, and therefore postponing by 12 months is the only logical conclusion. Whilst fully online events have their merit, the networking and physical interaction of a live event cannot be replicated, and this is a key feature of the Breakwaters series. There may well be an online/digital element to the event, but this will be reviewed in due course.


We hope to retain all the 'accepted' papers for the 2022 event. Many of them will benefit from having new data, results and findings given the extra 12 months.


Further information will be announced later this year.